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  1. I am doing research pursuing citizenship per what you describe as category 4 (ie lineage through my maternal grandfather who was born in Italy). I believe all the dates and requirements line up relative to my grandfather’s US citizenship and was starting to collect the required documents. However I have run into two documentation problems.

    First, my maternal grandmother Anne was born in the US before 1906 and we cannot locate her birth record. Secondly, the marriage certificate to my grandfather Leonardo has her name incorrectly listed as well.

    I have been able to find US census records with Anne, her family and my grandfather Leonardo after they were married. If you compare the address, parent’s names etc.., it supports the likelihood of a marriage license error.

    Would this evidence be sufficient to obtain citizenship, especially since the gaps are not in the direct line of the claim? Is the only way to find out to pay $300 and take your chances?

    1. Hiya – sorry, not quite sure I understand the lineage you are using. Is it grandfather – mother – you? If so it shouldn’t be a problem if you can’t find your grandmother’s BC. Just bring in the census record, and perhaps a statement from the town where she was born stating that no record exists for her birth. You could also try searching her local Parish for her baptism record!

  2. I am in Italy now and want to apply here. Where do I go to do so? I am an American living in Florence Italy. I have my permesso di sigorno and all documents in order except one which is on the way. I emailed you with a more detailed question about eligibility but figured I could make the appointment while I wait anyways.



  3. Caio Daidree! Thank you for creating this wonderful and informative website. I have a question regarding the location of the jure sanguinis appointment. I was already planning to be in Europe for 6 months next year. Would it be possible to bring the documents and become a citizen during my travels in Italy or does the jure sanguinis appointment need to be held at my local US consulate? Thank you.

  4. I finally just managed to get through to the LA consulate booking system (Abtran). they told me the earliest available appointment is more than 5 years away (June 2023)!….It seems they do not want to accomodate these requests and are doing their best to stifle the process (much like the US immigration system).

  5. My assigned consulate is booked entirely over the next 2 years. Do you know if there is any possibility of applying through a different consulate, like Detroit that actually has openings beginning December 2018? My great-aunt lives in Tennessee; could I possibly use her address as my residence?

  6. Hello,
    I want dual US/Italy citizenship. I read that the law is if a US born person, whose mother was the Italian citizen, was born before 1948 that person cannot claim citizenship thru iure sanguinis. That would prevent me from it because I was born 14 months too soon. Is that not discrimination against women? Does Italy allow that!? Do you know how to dispute that, fight it, or get around it? It is SO unfair!!!

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