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  1. Hi there!!! Your website is spectacular. Thank you- I have just started the journey to obtaining dual citizenship and your site is making it feel completely doable. I am stuck however on finding where to request birth certificates. I am not sure how long ago you posted this info- however on the “Comuni-Italiani-it” site “Indireizze municipal” no longer exist- I am wondering if it has been replaced by “Email Comune” . LOL. I do not know Italian, and my husband who knows a very little bit is not home! Could it be that one just emails the request these days???

  2. Have you had any luck emailing the comune’s? Is there a benefit to physically mailing your request versus emailing? I googled the comune of my ancestors and the pages had general emails to contact them, but I have not heard back. I included my request in both English and Italian. Any suggestions to get a response back?

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