Italian Records: Region

In the last article, we discussed the general breakdown of the Italian government structure.  As a recap, the breakdown generally is as follows:

Paese (country) –> Regione (regions) –> Provincia (provinces) –> Comune (municipality)

In this article, we will be discussing the types of records kept at the Region level of government.  I will also list any and all address information you may need, as applicable.

What Is Kept at the Regione?

The short answer is: not much.  At least, not much we would be interested in.

For the most part, the types of documents that would be helpful for a jure sanguinis application are held at the Provincia and Comune levels of government.  The only two regions in Italy that keep any kind of records at the Regione level are Tuscany and Valle D’Aosta.

The Regione di Toscano (Region of Tuscany) keeps older records on file from 1804 to 1874.  Unfortunately,  you will not find any records from the 20th century here.  For more recent records, we will need to turn to the Provincia and Comune. has a browse-able database of these older records if you have already signed up for an account. You can find the link to these records here: Italy, Toscana, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1804-1874.

Valle D’Aosta keeps some records at the Regione level, and some at the Comune level (none at the Provincia level!) You could always contact the Soprintendenza Archivistica of the Regione to ask questions about how to request records at the Regione level.

Addresses You Will Need

Since there are only two Regions that keep civil records, this is going to be a pretty short section.

Here is the address and telephone information for the Soprintendenza Archevistica (big guy archivist) of the Valle D’Aosta (Aosta Valley):

Soprintendenza Archivistica Per Il Piemonte E La Valle D’Aosta
dott.ssa Paolo Caroli
Via S. Chiara , 40h
10122 Torino, Italia
Tel. 0114361117 / 4362050
Fax. 0114310714

Here is the address and telephone information for the Soprintendenza Archevistica (big gal archivist) of Toscana (Tuscany):

Soprintendenza Archivistica Per La Toscana
Dott.Ssa Diana Toccafondi
Via Dei Ginori
50123 Firenze, Italia
Tel. 055271111
Fax 0552711142

You can certainly direct records inquiries to the above people.  They will be able to either help you directly, or send you to someone who can assist you.

Next Steps….

As you can see, there are not very many records to be found at the regional level of government in Italy.  Most likely, you will need to look to the next levels of government, the Provincia or Comune, to find records that you need for your Italian dual citizenship application.

For more details on the kinds of records found at the Provincia level of government and how to find them, see Italian Records: Province.   If you need birth, marriage, or death records from a Comune, please see Italian Records: Comune.

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