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  1. hi , i have been trying to book an appointment at my consulate (new york city) and was told the soonest is in May 2019!!!!!! as this is an exorbitant and inconvenient amoutn of time to wait, I am trying to explore if i have other options or not. Someone told me if I were to apply IN Italy, it would be possible and I’d have to live there for 3-4 weeks for this to be considered. Can you tell me if you’ve heard this before, and how I can find out more / if it’s true? Thank you, looking forward to your response!

  2. Hello, I am looking to apply for citizenship. I have an appointment in February of 2019 in san francisco. My Great Grandfather was born in Italy ( as was my great grandmother), My Grandfather and mother were both born in USA. My Great grandfather was NEVER naturalized as far as I know (through census research) but I have requested the official naturalization records from the government. Also neither my grandfather or mother ever renounced their citizenship.

    I am trying to understand what documents I need in order to apply. I have about two years until my appointment so lots of time to gather. The SF consulate and other webpages have conflicting lists of required docs.

    My understanding so far is that I need (with apostilles + translations for US docs):
    1. great grandfathers birth certificate from italy
    2. great grandfathers marriage certificate
    3. great grandfathers death certificate
    4. great grandfathers naturalization record
    5. great grandmothers birth certificate from Italy
    6. great grandmothers death certificate
    7. grandfathers birth certificate
    8. grandfathers death certificate
    9. grandfathers marriage certificate
    10. grandmothers birth certificate
    11. mothers birth certificate
    12. mothers marriage certificate
    13. fathers birth certificate
    14. my birth certificate.

    1. Hi, Lauren.

      My situation is almost exactly like yours, however my great-grandfather was naturalized 11 years after the birth of my grandfather. I am awaiting an opening with at the SF consulate, however I’m having trouble with the online scheduling system. I’m been trying on and off for two months. Do you have any tips or tricks?

      Might you enjoy having a citizenship buddy to exchange info with and to encourage you along the way? If so, please drop me a line kayt(at)defever.org. I would like one, too. :-)

      P.S. I have been advised by a Italian citizenship consultant that the only documents list you need to follow is the one for the consulate at which you’re applying– and you must follow it to the tee. Every consulate has its own requirements. Such is Italian bureaucracy! Good luck!

  3. I have an interesting scenario. My great grandfather moved to the USA and naturalized while my grandfather was still a child in Italy. My grandfather officially became a US citizen at that time. He later moved to the USA while still carrying an Italian passport. Essentially he was a dual citizen as best I can tell. He was a US citizen before my father’s birth in the USA but never renounced his Italian citizenship. Would I qualify under him?

  4. Hi! I have dual citizenhip Brazilian and Italian, this last one I received from my father, who was born in Italy and moved to Brazil when he was 15 years old. I have two sons, 19 and 17 years old. Do they qualify under myself? If yes, what documents I need for the process?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you so much

  5. Hello: I am in the process of obtaining the documents needed for my dual citizenship. My father’s father was born in Sicily and had my father after he naturalized. I have a copy of his official naturalization paper. Do I still need to write to US Home Land Security to obtain an “Official” document? My other question relates to my husband. Is he able to get dual-citizenship through me?

  6. I’m curious if my father had to renounce his Italian citizenship when he enlisted in the Army in 1942? Any suggestions as to where to find this out?
    (The lineage is that my grandfather was born in Sicily in 1884, my father was born in NY in 1913, grandfather was naturalized in 1918. So everything seems good, except that one “if”)

  7. Good Day! My father was born in Italy in 1936, the son of a long line of Italians. He moved to the US in 1967, I was born in 1971 and he became a citizen of the US in 1972. Can you please tell me how and where I can apply for dual citizenship? I live in South Carolina. Thank you in advance!

      1. No worries. Thanks.

        It looks like you can only make appointments 90 days or less in advance. I have heard others saying it is 1-2 years wait time.

        Would it pay to try to contact one of the Honorary Consuls that are in my area?

        1. While the Honorary Consuls are amazing, they’re usually not incredibly involved in the dual citizenship application process. They might be able to help you determine whether you are eligible, though! You can certainly give it a shot. FYI: Here is more information on how to book an appointment: buy priligy hydrochloride

          There is also an option to apply directly in Italy, but I must admit I do not know much about that. You can join this facebook group and find out more information here: where can you buy priligy . There are people on this group who actually provide this service… but it’ll cost ya.

  8. I have an interesting one. My father was born in Sardegna in 1936. His father traced to and from America to support his family and naturalized around 1928. As a result my father was born with dual citizenship. My father came to America when he was 15 and obtained a formal US Citizenship certificate when he was 18. I was born 4 years later. My grandmother never left Sardegna. Any chance that I can obtain dual citizenship?

    1. Whoa yeah this is a good one :) In this case, your father would be the person of Italian descent in your lineage, as he was the last person in your line to leave Italy. The fact that he naturalized before you were born would mean that he effectively broke the succession of Italian citizenship. HOWEVER. There is hope!

      The (really awesome) buy priligy in pakistan page says this:

      Note that if an Italian ancestor naturalised as a citizen of another country independently from his or her parents, and prior to reaching legal Italian adulthood (age 21 prior to 10 March 1975, and age 18 otherwise), then often that ancestor retained Italian citizenship even after the naturalisation and could still pass citizenship on to children.

      I would check with a lawyer, actually, to see what can be done in this case as there is a possibility that your father still retained his Italian citizenship, having naturalised as a minor. Please PM me if you need any good lawyer recommendations.

  9. I believe there is an exception to the 1912 rule:
    “Your Italian-born ancestor naturalized before July 1, 1912. According to the jure sanguinis law, even if your Italian-born ancestor had children before he/she naturalized, those children were not eligible for citizenship if the Italian-born person naturalized before July 1, 1912. If this is the case, the line of Italian citizenship was broken, and cannot be transmitted through descendancy” I believe the exception is: unless the children had reached their majority (i.e. were not minors) before the naturalization took place. My US born grandfather was 22 when his Italian born father naturalized in 1909. Can you comment?

  10. Thanks….that Facebook group is an awesome resource, but it is overwhelming to try to figure out where to start! Let me ask you…. Does the fact that my father became a citizen (after I was born) automatically mean he renounced his Italian citizenship by becoming an American citizen? Or does “renouncing” require an actual statement in addition to becoming a citizen?

  11. My appointment is in SanFrancisco next May, and I have everything but one more apostille coming from NY. I think. Someone said that for this consulate I need a copy of a census with my Grandfather’s status (1910).
    Also. Is there a recommended translation service in the area, and does anyone know the format of the necessary cover letter for the application?

  12. Hi folks, wondering what others experiences are with timing of birth certificates from Italy. I used the instructions from this site (very helpful, thanks!) and sent in my request (directly to the comune) at the end of December (so it’s been almost 8 weeks). I imagine this takes some time, but was wondering what other people’s experience has been, and if you needed to follow up, when did you do that? Thanks!

  13. Hello there,

    My grandmother was the last person in my family to be born Italian before 1948. My grandfather was born before her and was also Italian.

    They moved to Belgium and my father and his siblings were born. Once they were all born, they naturalised in Belgium and my father and my grandparents became Belgian citizens. This was in 1960.

    I was then born in 1988 and have Belgian citizenship. Does this mean as my father naturalised before my birth, that I am unable to apply for jure sanguis citizenship?

    1. Hiya – you’ll have to check the Belgian dual citizenship laws of the time. I know in the states before 1992, dual citizenship was not allowed, so to become a US citizen you’d have to renounce your Italian citizenship. Belgium may not have had this restriction, so becoming Belgium may not have necessitated renouncing Italian citizenship… So it’s possible you’re still an Italian citizen, but you’ll have to check :)

  14. I am wondering for documents such as my own birth certificate- I have my original birth certificate but am wondering is it safe to use that/send it to an Italian lawyer who would be processing this for me? Or should I pay my State to give me a copy to send so I don’t lose the original?

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