New €300 Fee with Application

As of July 8, 2014 every individual over the age of 18 submitting a jure sanguinis application must pay a €300 fee at the time the application is submitted.

The fee must be paid in US Dollars, and unless noted below is subject to current exchange rates.  If no payment type is specified  below, a money order is always a safe bet.  Money orders, cashier’s checks, and certified checks can be made payable to the Consulate General of Italy of (city name).  Please make sure that you have a separate money order, cashier’s check, or certified check for each member of your family who is submitting an application, as payments are associated with individual file numbers.

Boston: Cash or money order (preferred).  Use the current trimester’s exchange rate, which can apparently be found on the bulletin board for the Consulate.  I cannot locate this bulletin board, will post later with updates.
Chicago: Payment type not specified, fee until December 31, 2014 is $382.10
Detroit: Payment type not specified
Houston: Payment type not specified
Lost Angeles: Money order.  Bank daily exchange rates are not accepted, and payments must be based on the Consulate’s tarrife, a link to which can be found here (click on the word “Tariffe”).
Miami: Cash or money order
New York: Payment type not specified
Philadelphia: Money Order, certified check, cashier’s check – based on Consulate’s tarrife, which can be found here.
San Francisco: Cashier’s check or money order, fee until December 31, 2014 is $382.10

The fee is more than we used to have to pay, but it is still a very small fee to have your citizenship recognized!  To put it in perspective, to gain US Citizenship, one must submit a $380 fee – we only have to pay about half of that!


  1. I have been using this website while going through the process of obtaining Italian citizenship and it has been a huge help. One point I would like to add; make your consulate appointment the second you even think about going through this process. I made the mistake of starting to find the paperwork first. I will be able to have all of my paperwork ready in the next 9ish months, but I can’t get into the Italian consulate in Philadelphia for 3 years! My appointment for the application is in December of 2019, with no option to move it up (canceled appointments are not filled).

  2. I am so thankful to have found this website. I wanted to ask you, if there is no consulate I could go to here locally, do you know if there is a way to pay someone in Italy to turn in all of the paperwork on my behalf and do the appointment process for me? Any pointers would be great, thank you!

    1. Hello there! I’ll address this in a video, but basically, all you really need to do is show appropriate proofs of ID, present your documentation, and pay your fee at the time of the appointment :)

  3. Hello- So happy I found your site! I have my appointment in October in Philadelphia. When I click on the above link I cannot find the price.
    Also, I am applying as well for my two daughters (minors)- Do they have to physically go to the appointment with me? Please let me know, thank you!

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