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  1. This information has been a HUGE help! I thought I was going to have to pay hundreds of dollars to request my Italian family records. After reading this I thought it was too good to be true so I emailed and received a response right away. I highly recommend using this site to find all the information you will need to apply for your Italian Citizenship. I will report more when I get my records back!

  2. Hello
    My father was born in Venezuela , after he passed my brother in Venezuela did all the Jure sanguinis , etc and now my father is register as Italian .
    My question is , what document should i request from Italy , so i can start my Jure sanguinis aplication ?
    Thanks a lot for your reply

    1. The Comune can issue a certificate of Citizenship for your father, the Stato di Famiglia document for the father will list him and his whole household along with their citizenships. However, I would probably just get your father’s Italian Birth Certificate as that is also proof that he is an Italian as it will show that he got recognized and his foreign BC was already transcribed in Italy.

      Adult children of an already recognized Italian citizen only have to document their connection back to that parent in most places. So it’s rare that the Italian authority will force you to document back to the original Italian ancestor who emigrated from Italy… but not unheard of. I would recommend that you start a citizenship process where you present your Father as the last Italian registered ascendant and submit his Italian BC and MC and then they trace just back to you.

      Some consulates have a process to skip a citizenship appointment if you are the child of an Italian by just making a Stato Civile appointment and submitting your docs to be recorded in Italy as your Italian parent is already in AIRE and their status as a citizen is obvious.

  3. Hi I seem to have lost my Italian birth certificate, and I am in a weird situation where I’m not an Italian citizen, but I was born in Capua, Italy. I am both a Canadian and Polish citizen. I am trying to obtain my birth certificate so I can register to live in Germany. I could use some real help in how to obtain a new birth certificate from Italy.

  4. Hello– this is an incredible website, thank you!

    We are requesting three copies of an ancestor’s Estratto dell’Atto di Nascita (three siblings applying for dual citizenship). Is it okay to send more than 5 euros in this case, if we’re estimating 5 euros/copy?

    Thanks for the advice.

  5. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us! I thought this was going to cost me hundreds. Just mailed mine off and fingers are crossed that something comes back. Unrelated to birth cert but do I have to prove my grandparents were married for dual cit? No idea when or where in the US and I can’t find anything on Ancestry or the like. I’m using his direct line for my application and she died very young so not much info for her. TIA!

  6. Awesome blog! One question. I’m a category 10. My Italian great-grandfather was declared MIA (“disperso”) in 1916 while serving Italy during World War I. Should I expect his commune of Caccamo to have a death certificate or the equivalent? Or do I need to request an official document from another entity? I’m already planning to ask the commune for his birth and marriage certificates, and was planning to ask for the death certificate at the same time. Many thanks!

  7. Grazie!

    My great-grandfather is indeed my most immediate Italian-born ancestor.

    Hopefully Caccamo will have all three of his vital docs. We shall see!

    Appreciate your guidance—

  8. Hello, I have two questions. I qualify under category 9. My first question is, since I can apply for dual citizenship, can my husband who is american but not Italian at all also get the dual citizenship? If so, do we apply together at the consulate with him listed on the forms with me? Or do I get my citizenship first and his process comes after that?

    Question 2: my brother is also applying. When requesting documents, do I need two of everything, or can we also apply together? I assume we are applying separately but just checking if they allow family to apply together.

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