Italian Consulate Offices

Below find a list for the contact information for the Citizenship departments of the Italian Consulate Offices in the United States.  I’m sure this information is getting constantly updated, so I’m going to crowdsource editors here – please let me know if you see anything that needs updating!

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When and How to Book Your Italian Citizenship Appointment

When The short answer is: book your Italian Citizenship Appointment NOW There is a massive influx of people attempting to book appointments to review their citizenship applications with the Consular Offices.  Wait times for appointments are typically 1 to 3 years.  Some consular offices are so overbooked, they periodically stop booking appointments altogether. I recommend…

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Organize your application

Pro tip.  Don’t ruck up to the Italian Consulate office on the day of your appointment and dump all of your unsorted paperwork into the lap of your poor, overworked, unsuspecting Consular Officer.  To keep you from being that person, let’s go through how to properly organize your application for your appointment day.  Don’t worry,…

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