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  1. I have copies of my grandfather’s Declaration of Intention, Petition for Naturalization, and Naturalization Documents. My concern is that the Declaration of Intention states his “intention to renounce forever…”
    Given that my father was born between that document and the actual Naturalization, am I still eligible? Should I leave the Declaration of Intention and Petition out of my packet of documents for the consulate?

  2. The Petition for Naturalization and the Declaration of Intention both have my grandfather stating that as a condition for US citizenship, he “intends” to renounce his allegiance to Italy. I have copies of those that were provided by INS and they are dated prior to my father’s birth. The Naturalization copy, also from INS is after my father was born.
    Does his “intention” cause a problem for me and should I bring or not bring the paperwork that express that “intention”

  3. I also have the same concern – on the Declaration & Oath of Allegiance, my grandfather states explicitly that he will renounce “allegiance and fidelity” … to: ITALY.

    Jure Sanguinis explicitly requires that the family members in your bloodline have never renounced their citizenship to Italy. I assume that it means: if he never visited an embassy of Italy or Italian government office to formally renounce his citizenship, then the Italian government still recognizes him as a citizen in spite of his oath of allegiance to the United States.

    Is this clear?

  4. For my Italian Immigrant, I already have copies from NARA of the Declaration of Intention, Petition For Naturalization, and the Oath of Alligence. The Certificate of Naturalization number on the oath is legible.

    Is there any reason why I should not just submit a “Record Request without Request Case ID”? The USCIS website says that an ancestor may have multiple records, that would only be turned up with an Index search.

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