C-File #: speed up your USCIS Naturalisation records request

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A quick post to share a video on how to use the C-File number to speed up your USCIS Naturalisation Record request.  This video covers what a C-File number is, where to find it, and how to use it!

Please note that the video contains an error… once you find your C-File number, you need to apply for a *** Record Without a Case ID *** on the USCIS genealogy page.  In the video, I mistakenly said you should apply for a Record With a Case ID.  It’s Amateur Hour over here, apparently :)

Enjoy the just-slightly-unsynced weird voiceover on this one!


  1. Hello! My grandmother did extensive genealogy research so I luckily have photocopies of certain vital documents including naturalization certificates. I’ve hit a snag while entering in the C-ID that I have. One strange thing is that my great-grandfather seems to have a “Certificate of Citizenship” (To be given to the person Naturalized) and my great-grandmother had a “Certificate of Naturalization”. The form on the USCIS site requires 8 numbers, but both of these documents have 7 numbers. Any help is much appreciated!

  2. I wonder if u can explain about how the cfile number can be ascertained from the certificate of petition as this is the only document I have found and am keen to get the process going. Thanks.

  3. Hi there, you’ve been so helpful with our quest for dual citizenship! How do I get the naturalization record translated and Apostilled? Thanks…

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